Teresa Giudice Forces All The Real Housewives Of New Jersey to Have Mental Breakdowns In Napa

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On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey we meet right back up with the gang at a gorgeous vineyard in Napa, California. Everyone is still hanging around the dinner table after the awkward/mean toast from Teresa Giudice. Everyone starts getting a little drunk, and that’s when the shit starts hitting the fan. Kathy Wakile is the first to strike when she mentions that Teresa Giudice left her out of the toast. Sweet little Kathy is finally sticking up for herself. Yay! Teresa says it was unintentional and she wasn’t even thinking about it. Kathy continues to go into it with Teresa, pleading to hash it out with Teresa. This whole group is so fixated on trying to make things like the “old times.” They all need to realize that after you’re on a reality TV show and talk enormous amounts of crap on each other, you’re probably never going to get back to way things were, ever. That ship sailed, ladies.

The cousins begin talking about Caroline Manzo and all the fighting and “drama” that unfolded between her and Teresa. Probably because of the alcohol, they don’t realize that they are talking loud and everyone can hear them. As Caroline listens, she is clearly annoyed but decides not to interject…for now. It seems that Kathy is trying to get through to Teresa and explain to her that there is no need to push all these people away, but there is no getting through. It’s completely useless. Teresa knows that Kathy is a little more timid and soft-spoken and completely takes advantage of her.

The two call it quits and Kathy reports back to the other women on how the conversation went. If I was part of this group, I would be so emotionally and mentally exhausted by the constant rehashing that happens. It’s ridiculous. These women give the phrase, “Same shit, different day,” an entirely new meaning. Are they angry that this season has literally been all about Teresa? Are they just bored housewives? It’s all so petty and childish. Teresa comes back from her hotel room to join the gang, and tensions begin to rise even further, and this is when it all gets good.

Caroline and Teresa start going at it. Teresa starts babbling some nonsense about how she loves Caroline and doesn’t want to fight and yadda yadda, and Caroline ain’t having it. I know when someone tells me they love me I GET FURIOUS. HOW DARE SHE? Granted, I realize that Teresa is 99.9% full of it, but still, Caroline is a touch for the dramatic, yes? Anyway, this sets Caroline off and heads start rolling in Napa. It all goes back to the conversations and fights about the tabloids, and Caroline starts calling Teresa a “liar” and a “disgrace.” Who gives a flying you know what about these tabloids? The kicker for me about this whole conversation was when Joe Giudice was like, “Yeah, we put out fake articles about having baby boys to get money, whatever, NBD.” While Teresa blames everyone else for her problems, she is the one who is drawing the negative attention to herself.

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