Video: Raven Symone Kind Of Lied About Having A Drag Queen Doppelganger

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Oh, Raven Symone. It seems like just yesterday you were an adorable little kid making me laugh on The Cosby Show and Hangin' With Mr. Cooper, and now you've grown into a strong, beautiful woman worthy of imitation by drag queens. That's so Raven! But you know what isn't so Raven? Lying.

In a recent BET segment in which she was asked to say if various things were “so Raven” or “not so Raven,” Symone was asked about “drag queen versions of yourself.” She said that they were indeed “so Raven,” and also that she knows one named (aptly) Raven, and gave a shout out to “my girls at Micky's.”

I did some internet digging, and it turns out there is indeed a drag queen named Raven at Micky's, and that the real Raven has even appeared onstage with her! But I don't think Raven really counts as a Raven Symone doppelganger. Judging from this video, drag queen Raven is her own unique and fabulous person, and really only shares a name with her:

Nevertheless, they're both so fabulous that I'm willing to let it slide. (The camera man seems to have a thing for asses, no?)

And Raven Symone gets extra points for telling BET she's never heard of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, because I live there and don't think it needs any more attention that it's already gotten, lest I be priced out of my already-too-expensive apartment. It does seem a bit odd that she wouldn't have heard of the most hyped neighborhood in the history of the world, but I guess some people have better things to do than read Sunday Styles and learn about neighborhoods in cities they don't live in.

(Via Queerty)