Rashida Jones’ Childhood Photos Prove That Even ‘Sweet And Beautiful Ann’ Had An Awkward Phase

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In what might be the greatest bit of movie promo ever, Rashida Jones decided to tweet photos from her childhood in the days leading up to the release of her new film Celeste and Jesse Forever, which she both co-wrote and starred in. And, as it turns out, even the woman famous for playing the sweet and beautiful Ann Perkins on Parks and Recreation went through a very awkward phase once. Click through to see!

The first photo (above) shows Jones at age six, looking thoroughly adorable despite her missing teeth and messed up bangs. The second, from when she was nine, shows her looking somewhat disheveled, but still 100% cute as a button:

It's not until the third photo, from age 13, that Jones could be called awkward at all, but boy, is she making up for lost time. The braces, the hair, the turtleneck under a button-down shirt…it's a testament to the parenting skills of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton (i.e. Norma Jennings from Twin Peaks) that they allowed her to look like that at any point time. Celebrity kids: they're just as funny looking as us!

By her high school graduation in 1993, she'd gotten significantly cuter , but still couldn't resist that staple of '90s fashion, dark colored lipstick:

Since she's been so forthcoming with the amazing photos, I now feel like I have no choice but to do Rashida Jones one better and go see her movie. It probably also doesn't hurt that I was already planning to do so. Because it looks great.

Photos: Rashida Jones