Rashida Jones And Rob Lowe Are Leaving Parks And Rec, RIP Love And Joy

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Jones has been on Parks and Rec playing Leslie’s (Amy Poehler) best friend since the show premiered in April 2009. Rob Lowe joined the cast near the end of Season 2 in what was meant to be a guest arc, but turned into a regular role. Both actors will continue to be busy: Jones has a development deal with Warner Bros. Television with her Celeste & Jesse Forever writing partner, Will McCormack; Lowe will play John F. Kennedy in NatGeo’s upcoming Killing Kennedy and will surely pop up on series television again in the future.I've just been informed that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are leaving Parks And Recreation this season and this is…litrally…the worst news ever. The two of them play Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger, respectively, and I hope you're caught up with season five, because I'm about to drop a spoiler on your Lil' Sebastian. Are you ready? Have you slackers at keeping up with shows either stopped reading or resigned yourself to knowing the future?

Okay…well…here goes. These two are trying to have a baby together! And they've been off-and-on, so I need to know what happens with them! So how dare NBC try to take them away from me? Who will be Leslie Knope's best friend from now on if Ann is gone? And who will be the most hyper-fit and tightly wound if Chris is gone? Will they go away together, or separately? I need answers, people!

According to the sleuths at Buzzfeed, said departure will take place in the thirteenth episode of season six, which will likely be airing during February sweeps. So if my math is correct (and it usually isn't), we'll have less than six months with these two before they disappear from our Thursday nights forever.

This will end four years on the show for Rashida, who was in the original cast for the show's April 2009 premiere, and three for Rob, who joined the cast near the end of the second season. His part was supposed to be a guest role, originally, but since he was the best character ever to exist in the world of Pawnee, Indiana (and yes, I mean that), he was written onto the show on a more permanent basis.

Rashida will likely be focusing on her development deal with Warner Bros. Television, while Rob will go on to play JFK in National Geographic‘s upcoming thingy Killing Kennedy. RIP Ann and Chris. We'll miss you.

(Image: NBC via Buzzfeed)