Rapper Martyn Claims He Had A Gay Affair With Chris Brown

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Forget the Game/50 Cent feud—the newest gay accusation comes from Martyn, a rapper who claims he had sex with Chris Brown. It all started on Wednesday, when several gossip sites released leaked Twitter DMs (direct messages) between Martyn and Chris. You can check out the whole conversation here, but these are the relevant parts (read bottom to top):

Immediately people flocked to Martyn's Twitter, many claiming the conversations were fake and citing the Photoshop tool displayed on the navigation bar in the screenshots. Over the past 48 hours, Martyn's been talking back-and-forth with his fans, and what he has to say isn't what we expected: Some of the messages in the exchange were added to make it more dramatic, but yes, he did hook up with Chris Brown.

Of the many tweets, we've picked out the ones that best summarize Martyn's side of the story:

@IzzyZolanskii @chrisbrown @treysongz I'll confirm it. It's all over the web. And twitter.

@trailmixmonster we fcked…had a fall out…assistant leaked shit…added shit…and now all over the net

@straythenmad sure man am ready for interviews and will be revealing a lot. @chrisbrown maybe you should speak up now n say something.

@StansRUS ain't no need to lie…last time I checked Chris brown is a non factor in ma life sorry to disappoint u 🙂

@_LeaaaaahFenty He should speak up and help put this to rest finally once n for all…hopefully without lying

The only reaction Chris has given was this rather eccentric tweet from a few hours ago:

Music drowns out the noise! Focus drowns out the ignorant!

We're not entirely convinced that Martyn's telling the truth; after all, you have to note that the more famous member involved here is keeping mum, and the (by comparison) amateur is the one who's only too happy to give interviews. Then again, Chris obviously stands to lose a lot more from this. But the longer he stays silent, the easier it is for people to believe Martyn wholeheartedly.