The Ultimate Ranking of the Worst Bachelor Leads in Reality TV History

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The Bachelor is a total reality TV staple on ABC and has been ever since it premiered way back in 2002. That means that there are 22 seasons worth of drama, romance, and excitement (unless we're talking about Arie Luyendyk Jr.‘s season of course). There have been 21 men (Brad Womack excruciatingly tried his hand at the whole thing twice) who have been named the classic suitor. They've all put a spin on the role in their own unique way.

While the Bachelor leads may not ever be as exciting, likable, or overall as awesome as their Bachelorette counterparts, they all brought a little something to the table during their respective seasons. Though, for some, what they brought was better than others. Keep reading to see all the Bachelors ranked from best to worst. Who was the biggest trashhole of a lead? Keep reading to find out…