Ralph Fiennes talks about playing the difficult role of Voldemort

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Ralph Fiennes, one of the greatest actors of our time, gave an interview to The Age in which he talked about all the different roles he's played, including that of Lord Voldemort:

“The uniform evil of Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter is difficult to play, he says, because it's a blank, but complicated malevolence fascinates him. “In great writing, the so-called bad guys are uncomfortable with themselves,” he says, “and full of deep divisions. Blanket badness is hard, but the real human psyche has more twists and turns than that. That's what's interesting.”

I really believe that he brings so many layers to Voldemort, making his evil so real, don't you? Currently, Fiennes is rounding up funding for a remake of Shakespeare's “Coriolanus”, a play about a man whose ambitions become his downfall. He's eying Vanessa Redgrave for the role of his mother, while he would play the role of the General. Here's what he had to say about this project:

‘I've played Coriolanus nine years ago and its a political thriller in essence, Shakespeare's most dangerous play … I would love to come and shoot Coriolanus in Belgrade, set in a modern time and modern place. I hope I'll raise finance to shoot it here in the next year,' Fiennes told journalists.

‘Coriolanus is still alive as a piece today. It's a great portrait of civic unrests and a world today.'