Rachel Zoe Finally Gives Up The Fur In Her QVC Line

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On this week’s Rachel Zoe Project, Rachel visited the offices of a faux fur company who were going to provide her with materials for an upcoming line. That line is set to debut at New York Fashion Week in the next month and will be on QVC September 12 for us normal folks to enjoy (I will also try to get in to her show, but these things are tricky, people!) and order.

Nitro:licious posted a few photos of the upcoming line and I kind of like them! They are very Rachel, lots of big fur vests, a cool-looking faux snake skin coat and a vintage-looking black bag with a monogrammed “R.” They report that the prices range from $32.50 to $130.00 so these babies will actually be affordable. The line will also include sunglasses and scarves, one of which Rachel is wearing in this photo, posted by Rachel to her Twitter:

Rachel Zoe Finally Gives Up The Fur In Her QVC Line rachelzoe scarf 300x225 jpg

[Image: Twitpic, Via Nitro:licious]