Video: Rachel McAdams Might Actually Have A Decent Role In Lesbian Psychodrama Passion

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Since her star turn as Regina George in Mean Girls, Rachel McAdams has had a bit of difficulty finding good parts for herself. From Morning Glory to Sherlock Holmes, she has been typecast as the sweet and beautiful rom com lead/damsel in distress pretty much every time. But all that could be about to change with her role in Passion, a dark sexual psycho-drama directed by indie auteur Brian De Palma.

Co-starring the original Noomi Rapace (of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo fame), Passion tells the story of…well, the trailer doesn't make that totally clear. We know that Noomi's character works for Rachel's, and that they both have secrets, and that there's steamy lesbian sex and scary masks and ominous music. Which should be enough to get a ton of people to see the movie. Whether it's going to turn into a weird soft porn fest without much substance (a la Bound) or a great, interesting film has yet to be seen, but it's De Palma, so I have faith. One thing's for sure: a whole lot of dudes are going to see this movie. Maybe they'll learn something.

(Via Gossip Cop)