Rachel McAdams Would Advise Against Taking Weed From Your Friendly Canadian Grocer

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Rachel McAdams Jimmy Kimmel April 2013

In case you were wondering whether you should accept marijuana from your local Canadian grocer, Rachel McAdams would advise that you just say no.

Rachel McAdams stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote her new film To the Wonder. Her appearance on the show took me to a couple of wonders. Wonder #1: Why don't I see her around as much anymore, other than during near-daily showings of Mean Girls on TBS? Wonder #2: Do I like this red hair on her? Someone please tell me.

Rachel is Canadian, as you may or may not know. Jimmy Kimmel wants you to know. She also lives in Canada, which come to think of it is probably why I don't see her as much anymore. She tells Jimmy all about her idyllic life in Toronto, where she walks and rides her bike everywhere and gets rare maple syrup from her grocer and basically lives out my life-long dream. Yes, my life-long dream involves eating maple syrup and riding my bike through the streets of Canada. Preferably at the same time. I'm working on a very functional hat to make that possible.

Speaking of this friendly Canadian grocer, the way Rachel talks about him, she should probably have realized early on that she shouldn't accept drugs from him. She says he always has “a little something special” for her, which he coaxes her over to see. Red flag number one.

So begins the Funny Weed-Related Talk Show Story #2 from the past week or so. Rachel then goes on to explain that she told her grocer she was having trouble sleeping. Because a little-known fact about grocers is that they're excellent sleep doctors. It turns out her grocer had something extra-special for her this time. Spoiler alert: It's marijuana.

I won't tell you what happened when Rachel took the weed home, because it's fun to watch her tell it, but I will tell you that she would probably discourage you from making the same mistake. If your local Canadian grocer offers you maple syrup with a side of sleepytime weed, don't take it. And maaaybe be a little suspicious about the maple syrup, too.

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