Trick Or Treaters Ask Rachel McAdams If She’s Regina George, Because She Can’t Help It That She’s Popular

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Regina George obsessed with me

Picture this. You're out and about with your friends on Halloween night ringing doorbells and crossing your fingers you won't get pencils, and Regina George opens the door. By that I don't mean someone dressed as Regina George for Halloween — perhaps in a flower-covered head brace or a tank top with holes cut out of the chest — but Regina George herself, Rachel McAdams. That's what happened to a few trick or treaters in Canada when Rachel opened the door to give them candy. Naturally, they said the only thing you would say when Rachel McAdams greets you at the door of her home: “Are you Regina George?”

In a delightful new interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel tells the story of why she has to dress up to give out candy at her house. This might surprise you, but sometimes celebrities want to do normal person things like give candy to strange children at night (trick or treating sounds more and more creepy the more you think about it) without being recognized as the character evil takes human form in. Rachel says she ended up dressing like a “ski bunny” with a snowsuit and sunglasses, which is the most adorable thing I've ever heard and also fitting since Regina dressed up as her own kind of bunny in Mean Girls. Eh? Eh? It all comes full circle.

I love this interview because not only does Rachel seem so subdued and sweet and anti-Regina, and not only do I love that she gives out candy on Halloween, but I also get some sort of weird pleasure out of actors referring to the old roles that made them famous. I know that they don't suffer from amnesia after they complete a movie and move on to the next one, but I just love to hear them say their character's name ten or so years after the fact. It's like when a character says the name of a movie in the movie. Okay, I'm weird, let's move on.

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