First World Problems: Rachel McAdams Has Been Calling Ryan Gosling For Advice And Eva Mendes Is Pissed

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Eva-Mendes-and-Ryan-Gosling-at-Toronto-International-Film-Festival-for-The-Place-Beyond-The-Pines-March-2013Apparently Rachel McAdams has been calling ex-boyfriend Ryan Gosling for advice and support (in light of her recent break up with Michael Sheen) and his current girlfriend Eva Mendes isn't psyched about it. I'm sorry, how do you spell ‘first world problems'? This is a problem like finding out that the thing in your shoe that's been bothering your foot is actually a diamond. It's a problem like saving someone from being hit by a car and having it be Willy Wonka, who leaves you a lifetime supply of free chocolate and gobstoppers in his will, year later. I can't imagine an issue that would be less annoying to have. As a ‘close pal' told Now Magazine:

“Rachel’s always kept in touch with Ryan, but now that she’s split with Michael, she’s been calling him and using him as a shoulder to cry on. It hasn’t gone down very well with Eva, to say the least, but Ryan wants to be there as a friend for his ex.”

First of all, I'm fairly confident that this is just a rumor created to stir up headlines, because I can't imagine there's a single thing in the world that could make Eva Mendes feel insecure about…anything. But second of all, how jealous are you of Ryan Gosling at this (and every) moment, human males of the world? You dated one of the most beautiful and talented women that I personally have ever seen, and you're on such good terms with her that she feels comfortable calling you post-breakup and disturbing the peace of your current girlfriend, another one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Your life is miraculous, Ryan Gosling, you should never sleep. You should just stay awake all the time and soak up its awesomeness and swim in your money. It's unbelievable.

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