Rachel Bilson Watched Mischa Barton On Dancing With The Stars, Giving Us OC Feels

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Rachel Bilson Watched Mischa Barton on Dancing With the Stars  Giving Us OC Feels The OC Marissa and Summer gif


Attention, fans of The OC! Marissa and Summer are still friends! Well, actually, I should probably be more specific here, since technically Marissa and Summer can’t be friends because one of them is dead. (Sorry to open up that old wound. Also spoiler alert, I guess? Although at this point you really should have watched the show.) The actresses who played Marissa and Summer, Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson, are still friends. Or at least, that what one would assume based on Rachel’s reaction to Mischa’s Dancing With the Stars debut last night.

Mischa spent the first episode doing the tango with her partner Artem, and Rachel was parked in front of her TV to watch it. She shared a photo of Mischa on her screen on Instagram last night and captioned it, “Got to give it up for @mischamazing takes balls. Get it guurrrrlll!” Aww, I’m having so many early 2000s feels right now.

Rachel Bilson Watched Mischa Barton on Dancing With the Stars  Giving Us OC Feels Rachel Bilson Mischa Barton DWTS jpg

(Photo: Instagram)

I’m glad at least Rachel is being supportive of Mischa, since she didn’t exactly get the best response from the judges. Len Goodman told her, “That wasn’t a dance, that was walking.” She ended up with a total of 16, the third lowest score of the night. She may not have been great, but nothing can compare to whatever the hell Geraldo Rivera’s cha cha was. Needless to say, he was at the bottom of the board.

Sadly for Mischa, she might not be around to dance much longer, but at least she has the support of her TV BFF behind her. Is there anything better than former co-stars being friendly and cheering each other on years after they’ve worked together? No. No, there isn’t. It’s simply the best.

You can watch Mischa’s tango in the video below. Unfortunately it’s not set to “California.”