Rachael Ray Does An Episode On Happiness – But Is She Happy In Her Own Life?

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Rachael Ray Does an Episode on Happiness   But Is She Happy In Her Own Life  rachael2 jpg

So, today’s episode of Rachael Ray focused on happiness: What is happiness? How can we be happier in 2010? Etc.

During the show, Rachael shed some light on her own daily state of happiness.

“A lot of people ask me, because I have five jobs, ‘Don’t you have time for you. Are you happy?'” Rachael said during a discussion with expert Andrea T. Goeglein. “In fact, the  most annoying thing you can do is come up to me and say, ‘What’s the matter. You’re not smiling.’ They want you to be on all the time.”

“But happiness for me is when I go home. I’m not smiling at all,” she continued. “My dog gives me a hug. My husband and I make dinner. That’s when I’m happiest. When I’m quiet and not going ‘Woohoo!'”

But don’t think Rachael’s job doesn’t make her happy. “I love my job,” she said. “So I think of myself as generally happy even though I might not go around all the time like ‘hahahahaha.'”

For tips on how to be happier in 2010, read this article at  The Rachael Ray Show website.

Photo by Bauer Griffin