R. Kelly’s Outrageous Trapped In The Closet Returns With A New Chapter And A Major Hint About ‘The Package’

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Trapped in the Closet new chapters Chapter 23 The Package R. Kelly IFC amazing best funny

R. Kelly has been taking his sweet time in updating his epic R&B telenovela web series Trapped in the Closet: It was all the way back in March 2011 that we got the cliffhanger in Chapter 22, where all of the characters obsessed over who had passed “The Package” to which person and how much danger they were all in. Longtime viewers have conspiracy theories that The Package is HIV/AIDS, especially because of how all the characters have slept with one another and at least one is on the down-low.

Almost a year ago, R. Kelly promised that not only would he reveal what The Package was, but that he plans to do so in 32 new installments. We are so, so lucky. However, it's been a long wait since then, and we were starting to lose hope when we discovered that he's decided to release Chapter 23 early! (It was supposed to come out after Thanksgiving, but really, how could we have enjoyed our turkey and mashed potatoes knowing that there was a new Trapped in the Closet we hadn't yet seen?)

First off, you should watch Chapter 22 and reacquaint yourself with Sylvester (R. Kelly), Gwendolyn, Bridget, Big Man, Sgt. James (The Wire‘s Michael Kenneth Williams!), The PastorPimp Lucius, and all of the zany characters.

OK, you're ready for the new installment. Not surprisingly, the Narrator (also R. Kelly) has a first-edition Trapped in the Closet book and reads from it, storytime-style, to reintroduce you to everyone. It's difficult to make phone calls in cinema compelling, but he does a fine job of it.

Nothing much really happens here, but with at least 31 more chapters to go, I'm happy to ease back into it slowly. The next chapters premiere on IFC on November 23rd at 9 p.m. EST, and everyone's obviously got unfinished business with each other. I just… I respect R. Kelly so much for making this absolutely balls-crazy thing. (Respect, but don't forget about him allegedly peeing on that minor, I feel obligated to clarify.) I don't even know how to describe it; it may not need a conventional description. It could've been a one-off joke, and he's just stuck with it for years and years.

Let's not forget the hilarious way he sings “Chuuuuuuck,” who's the guy who Sylvester found his wife with in Chapter 1. The fact that no one can find Chuck ratchets up the suspense, but we won't know for at least a few weeks where he is. Then the camera pans over to a table and—what's that?! A PACKAGE? With an hourglass that's nearly out of time!

Trapped in the Closet new chapters Chapter 23 The Package R. Kelly IFC amazing best funny

So, The Package is a real package? Hmm, a little disappointing, but I'm willing to go with it for R. Kelly!

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