Just An Awesome Photo Of Quvenzhané Wallis & Emmanuelle Riva Having Lunch Together

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Quvenzhane Wallis Emmanuelle Riva

Earlier today we found out that youngest actress in the history of the world and the oldest actress in the history of the world both got nominated in the best actress category at the 2013 Academy Awards for Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild. Congrats Quvenzhané Wallis and Emmanuelle Riva, you're now going to be a trivia question for the next 1000 years. No matter what projects come up next, you'll both forever get your interviews prefaced with this fun fact. Of course, that's only as long as you both stay scandal-free. After that I can no longer promise that this fun fact will remain your fun fact.

As a huge fun of Beasts of the Southern Wild (as well as its lesser-known prequel House Pets of the Northern Suburbs), I'm so so thrilled Quvenzhané received the nomination for best actress. While odds are high she won't win, I'm thrilled she's at least getting honored for her amazing performance. Emmanuelle Riva on the other hand, I don't know. I never saw Amour. So I can't speak quite as well on my excitement levels for her nomination.

I can however say that I'm excited to see that this photo of the two of them exists in the world. Apparently the Film Society of Lincoln Center threw a lunch for accomplished people this week and captured this awesome shot of the two of them. As usual F.S.O.L.C forgot to leave a message on my machine and by the time they reached me, I already had other plans. And those plans included a sandwich I made from scratch sitting in the fridge at work. Sorry Film Society of Lincoln Center, my lunch calendar fills up pretty, pretty quickly.

But I am sorry I missed the now serendipitous moment when the youngest best actress nominee (9) met the oldest best actress nominee (86). It's pretty neat.

(Facebook via Vulture, Photo: GODLIS)