Questlove of The Roots Just Broke Up With Ramen Noodles

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When our sister site, Blisstree, posted the video of exactly what happens in your body when you decide eating Ramen is a good idea, there was a lot of dry-heaving going on over here. It's not exactly a video that I think anyone wanted to see, but yet we all watched in horror.

As it was pointed out in the video “Top Ramen is made to survive armageddon,” so if we take that into consideration it probably isn't something we should be consuming ever, let alone frequently. Hear me, college kids? Step away from the Ramen.

Now everyone's favorite part of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (besides Fallon, of course), Questo of The Roots, tweeted this morning that his love affair with Ramen died today. ‘Tis a sad day when any love dies, especially one that's steeped in nostalgia for your college era or before you “made it big.”

From 1985 to today in 2012, Questo apparently had a healthy relationship with Ramen, as many did, but that all tragically ended because of one video. Twenty-seven years is a long time to have something or someone in your life and the recovery time can be hard. They do say it takes half as long as the relationship to get over something, so Questo has the next few years cut out for him.

So here starts the five steps of grieving for Questo with ‘denial' being his first. We wish him the best of luck.