Questionable Choices: Tom Cruise Goes Top-Gun-Chic At The Madrid Ghost Protocol Premiere

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There's something about this leather bomber jacket and turtleneck combo that suggest Tom Cruise‘s Top Gun uniform — but matured, so very matured. To us, what that's saying is, “I'm an aging action star who prefers smoking a cigar in my Snuggie to jumping out of buildings and running from dangerous criminals.” Which is why the outfit was an odd choice to wear to the Madrid premiere of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Tom walked the red carpet alongside co-star Paula Patton. In the flick which comes out on December 21st, Tom's character must hope around places like Russia and Dubai attempting to clear the name of their espionage organization after it's falsely implicate in a bombing. Hopefully Tom left his slippers at home.

(via Just Jared)