Questionable Choices: Paul Rudd’s Beard

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Questionable Choices  Paul Rudd s Beard Picture 171 490x305 png

Paul Rudd will soon be starring in a new movie, called My Idiot Brother, opposite such familiar faces as Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Rashida Jones and Hugh Dancy. As Jezebel points out, his bearded look for the movie is a bit…questionable.

Up close, it pretty much looks like a disaster. But we have to disagree when the camera takes a step back to reveal the whole look. Some of that Paul Rudd charm still shines through.

Questionable Choices  Paul Rudd s Beard rudd again 1228 490x325 jpgLong hair paired with a beard is not a look I can get behind. BUT. Horizontal stripes and short shorts? I kind of dig it. Obviously not a look that Rudd could get by in daily life. But if I were asked to crush on a film character dressed like this? I could do it. What do you think? Is this look just entirely heinous? School me in the comments.