Questionable Choices: Elle Fanning And Dakota Fanning Pose For Terry Richardson

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No no no. We are not comfortable with Dakota and Elle Fanning jumping in the air and flashing thumbs-up with glasses-wearing creep Terry Richardson. It doesn't matter that the whole shoot seemed to be entirely respectable and the girls kept their clothes on. Just knowing that they were in the same room with him — or, as the Celebuzz caption says, Sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning have fun with photographer Terry Richardson — gives us the heebie jeebies.[tagbox tag=”Terry Richardson”]

Dakota, we know you're hardcore after you did The Runaways, but you really didn't need this encounter to up your cred. And there was no reason to drag your younger sister into this—a photo session with “Uncle Terry,” a man who's repeatedly been accused of sexually harassing his models.

I want to know which agent decided that these girls, who regularly walk the red carpet in designer duds and have high-profile film projects lined up, needed to do this for attention. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I see Elle as one of the few Hollywood kids untainted by all that bullshit; photo shoots like this make me envision her as going down the same route as Ali Lohan, and that's just not good.

Oh God, Elle is wearing his glasses. Nonono.