Queens Of The Stone Age

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Hey everyone, I’m the intern and in charge of keeping an eye on the latest NYC gigs.

Check this – Queens of the Stone Age have quietly announced that they will be playing the WaMu Theatre at M.S.G. on October 13th.  This must be fresh off the tour bus decision train because it isn’t even on the QOTSA website yet.

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Tickets go on sale September 8th at 11am.  Set your alarm clock in your bedroom, then set your alarm clock in the kitchen, because this will be a killer show.

For those who don’t know Queens of the Stone Age…here we go….

The album that introduced me to the band (got me hooked) was their 2002 release ‘Songs for the Deaf’ – an album I stole from a roommate a week after it was released because I thought the cover was cool.  I think it’s been in my car ever since.  Dave Grohl, from another little known band, had been a huge Queen’s fan and the band asked if he would drum on the Songs for the Deaf album.  Grohl recorded the album with the band and even toured with them.  This is reason enough to pick up the album – sick drum track….sick album.

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The band has recorded 3 albums since – Lullabies to Paralyze (quite good), 1 live album  (haven’t heard it) and their latest release Era Vulgaris (which I can’t get enough of).   Wanna have a listen to the latest album?  Go to the Stone Age website and their audio player will start into the tune 3’s & 7’s – this will be a good start.  Continue your journey from there.

Anyway, this will be a great show to check out.  If you go, be sure to circle back and let me know how it was.

Intern Mike