Q & A With Short Stack’s Shaun Diviney

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They’ve barely left their teenage years behind, but already Short Stack have achieved more than most seasoned bands can dream of. The lads from Budgewoi on the New South Wales Central Coast already have a number one album under their belt and a swag of sell out tours. They’re preparing to play the biggest venues of their career, but before they set off I caught up with the band’s very cheeky lead singer Shaun Diviney to talk about the upcoming tour, their highly anticipated second album, and their loyal fans.

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You’re one of the hardest working bands in Australia. It seems you’re always on the road, and you’re just about to head off again. What do you love most about playing live?
My favourite thing about being able to tour is not only going to the capital cities, but rural towns as well. And knowing that your music has made an impact on people of all walks of life. It’s the greatest feeling having people every night screaming lyrics you have wrote that have some how resonated with them.

I imagine a couple of young guys travelling the country would get up to some wild things. Can you share any crazy tour stories?
Once we killed a hooker with a shoelace and VCR player [laughs]. But seriously, we just usually push the party boundaries as much as we can and have some crazy night out on the town. What happens on tour stays on tour.

Your debut album Stack Is The New Black was massive, with a number one debut and gold status. Did that take you by surprise?
It did at first, but now it has sunk in I think it is just testimony to how loyal and amazing our fan base is.

I heard that you personally called every person who pre-ordered the CD to thank them. What inspired you to do that?
Bands don’t get anywhere with out their fans. some people ignore it but we feel it is important to embrace it.

You’ve had such a meteoric rise to fame. Who or what keeps you grounded?
Nobody. As soon as i feel I’m getting out of control I go for a swim in my pool of diamonds and money, then I come back to my senses.

I believe you’re heading to the studio to record album number two later this month. What can you tell me about your new material?
I feel the songs I’ve written for this one are a better representation of what this band is about. The songs just eclipse all previous efforts. The success of the first album, which I wrote while still at school, gave us this hype and I have a thirst to live up to the hype.

Are you looking forward to road testing the new songs on your tour in March/April?
Yes, most definitely. I can’t wait to see how the fans will react to the new material. It’s very different.

That tour’s going to conclude with a special black tie event at the Sydney Opera House. It sounds a bit fancy for a rock band. What made you want to do it?
Playing the Opera House is something not many bands get to do. Not only is it a national icon, but internationally it is something that represents Australia. For us to be able to play there makes me feel a bit patriotic and it will be the biggest show of our band’s career.

You’ve supported some massive artists like Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, and The Veronicas. What did you learn from being a part of those big shows?
You learn so many things, not only onstage but offstage too. When we supported these bands, we did not have the success we have now. So we saw how they dealt with it, and I think subconsciously you take that in.

This tour sees you play the largest venues in your career. If you could play any venue in the world, where would you take Short Stack?
I’m not quite sure. 02 Arena and Madison Square Gardens seems to have a nice ring to it.

Before they get there though, Short Stack will set out for another Australian tour. Here are the places you can see them play!

26 March 2010 – Challenge Stadium, Perth
27 March 2010 – Entertainment Centre Theatre, Adelaide
9 April 2010 – Tivoli, Brisbane
10 April 2010 – Festival Hall, Melbourne
16 April 2010 – University of Canberra
17 April 2010 – Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, Nowra
23 April 2010 – Panthers, Newcastle
24 April 2010 – Opera House, Sydney

Image used with permission from Premier Artists