Put Jessica Alba To Work For You

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For years Jessica Alba and other celebs have been getting rich off our back but now it is time they help us get rich. I bet you’d like to know how…

Well remember the recent ads Jessica made for Revlon? It just happens that in the period during which Jessica’s ad was airing, the Revlon stock jumped from 70 cents to $1.35. Therefore, there are a bunch of people out there who almost doubled their moneis on this stock and word is that it isn’t too late to join the bandwagon…

Note 1: Just to be fair, Jessica Alba was not the only celeb who did Revlon commercial but was a part of new strategy that featured Elle Macpherson, Halle Berry and most recently Jennifer Connelly.

Note 2: This was not exactly a bunk deal for Jessica herself. According to rumors she was paid $5 million for her Revlon campaign.