Puppy Bowl IX: Let’s Pick The Players Most Likely To Win MVP

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Puppy Bowl Daffodil

Most of the reason I find it important to know when the Super Bowl is every year is that a much cuter event happens on the same day. This Sunday, February 3, on Animal Planet, I'll be watching Puppy Bowl IX, a meeting of cute baby dogs to wrestle, sleep in the corner, and maybe carry a toy into the end zone for a touchdown every now and then. Honestly, I get so wrapped up in the cuteness that I forget that's even the point of the game.

I've done a little research and compiled a list of the pups I think are most likely to win the coveted title of MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) this year. Winning such an honor requires a cunning blend of adorableness and athleticism. As cute as it is to see the lazy puppies napping on the sidelines, that doesn't win games (but it wins my viewership)!

(Photos via Animal Planet)