Video: The ‘Gangnam Style’/MC Hammer Mash-Up That Won’t Make Sense In A Year

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watch Psy Gangnam Style MC Hammer mash-up video 2012 AMAs American Music Awards

It's a little sad that the performance people were most excited to see at the American Music Awards — more than Taylor Swift, more than Chris Brown — was Psy. Not because this guy hasn't worked his ass off for his superstar status, but because if you step back and think about it, “Gangnam Style” is this bizarre, inexplicable phenomenon. Sure, it's captured America's attention for the duration of the fall, but in a year will anyone really remember it?

We at the Crushable office are split. Some of us compare “Gangnam Style” to other regrettable, forgettable dance fads like the Macarena and Soulja Boy. Personally, I'd like to think that we'll still be singing “Oppan Gangnam Style” in late 2013 — though we won't have learned any more of the lyrics — because it's an infectious beat that could stay in the zeitgeist for a few years.

But the fact that the AMA producers did a live mash-up of Psy and MC Hammer makes us wonder about “Gangnam Style”‘s longevity. He was doing so well—inspiring everyone from geeks to Saturday Night Live to Damian Lewis to take a stab at the horse-dance. But now he's gone toe-to-toe with the man who is the physical embodiment of the regrettable dance fad. They even wore the same parachute pants! (If anything, and I know this makes me an awful person, but I felt like the inclusion of “Too Legit to Quit” took away from the simple beauty of “Gangnam Style.”)

You can watch the whole performance below, and tell us: Has Psy reached another plane of the pop culture consciousness, or was this duet the kiss of death for his short-lived American music career?