Proving Tia Is The Dominant Twin, Tamera Mowry Follows Her Sister Into Motherhood

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Less than a year after her sister Tia birthed her first baby, 33-year-old former child star Tamera Mowry is with child as well. Must those wacky twins do everything together?

Us Weekly reports that Tamera Mowry is expecting her first child with her husband Adam Housley, a correspondent for FOX News. I wonder if the child's first language will be the sinister double-speak employed by their dad's network? Paternal parentage aside, I think this is as clear a sign as any that in the “do everything together all the time” contract the twins signed together as children, Tia is the one Tamera must copy, never the other way around. I mean, just last October, Tamera didn't even want to have kids yet, or maybe at all. “When my sister was pregnant, she told me everything that I needed to know about pregnancy, so I am not having kids anytime soon,” she told Us Weekly.

“Whatever, Tamera, it's baby time,” replied Tia once the reporter had left, waving the contract in her face and laughing maniacally. At which point Tamera sighed, went home, and had all the unprotected sex her contract mandated, steeling herself for the oncoming hijacking of her body. I bet she's hoping that she doesn't have twins.

(Via Us Weekly)