Proof Everyone Is Getting Married But You: Aretha Franklin Is Engaged

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Proof Everyone Is Getting Married But You  Aretha Franklin is Engaged aretha franklin jpg
Known to some as the queen of soul, and others as the woman who wore the giant bow-hat to Obama’s inauguration, Aretha Franklin is jumping on the engagement bandwagon. Aretha plans to marry Willie Wilkerson sometime in June or July, when she’ll be a seventy-year-old bride.

The singer plans to wed in Miami, and to quell the rumor mill Aretha has assured her fans this won’t be a shotgun wedding.

There has to be an explanation for the late December early January glut of celebrity engagements. One of their New Year’s resolutions was to get new china. Diamond stores have the same kind of post-Christmas blowouts as The Gap. Love potion is real and completely undetectable in eggnog.

Whatever the reason, congratulations to them both.