Here’s Photographic Proof Arrested Development Is Really Coming Back

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What with all the false starts and empty promises over the years, I know it can be hard to keep the faith that the new Arrested Development movie/season/Netflix miniseries is really happening. But look, guys: show creator Mitch Hurwitz is working on it, okay? No, I mean literally look at him as he works on it. Making storyboards. Coming up with hilarious intersecting plotlines. Making sure everything Tobias says has the perfect amount of homoerotic subtext. Rome wasn't built in a day!

Obtained/posted last night by Vulture, the above photo purports to be of Hurwitz doing all of the aforementioned things. But it's so blurry that it could easily be a photo of anyone. The real kicker is that when they reached Hurwitz for comment, he confirmed the its veracity, saying, “I was working in the room with the writing staff. We were discussing the Maeby episode.” He said nothing about how the paparazzo in question had made a huge mistake.

Hooray!!! You are officially not getting your hopes up if you get excited now. Bob Loblaw, The Funkes, Steve Holt, Gob‘s illusions (which are not tricks) and Les Cousins Dangereux will once again be gracing a small screen near you.

(Via Vulture)