Prom Advice From Corbin Bleu and Chelsea Staub!

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Corbin Bleu and Chelsea Staub give us prom advice in Teen Prom 2008!

Corbin lets you know what to do if you&//#8217;re worried about going to another school&//#8217;s prom. &//#8220;Try not to do anything weird at the very beginning of the night. If you go crazy right off the bat, people can be taken off guard and they don&//#8217;t know how to react. Let them get to know you first. Be social, but keep it low-key so they&//#8217;re like,&//#8217; OK, you&//#8217;re cool.&//#8217; Then you can start to let loose. Also don&//#8217;t be the first person to go nuts on the dance floor. You&//#8217;ve got to find a happy medium between low-key and supersocial.&//#8221;

Chelsea gives advice on if you&//#8217;re scared to ask the guy you like to prom!

&//#8220;Go for it! I would! I know it&//#8217;s scary to ask a boy to prom, but sometimes you&//#8217;ve just got to take a risk. He could be shy or he may think you don&//#8217;t want to go with him. I can&//#8217;t tell you how many times I thought a guy didn&//#8217;t like me, then found out years later that he though I didn&//#8217;t like him, so don&//#8217;t wait, just ask him! And make sure you do it yourself. Don&//#8217;t send your friends to do the asking-that seems so immature and it could make the boy more nervous opposed to just walking right up and asking him yourself.&//#8221;