Prom Advice From Corbin Bleu and Chelsea Staub!

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Corbin Bleu and Chelsea Staub give us prom advice in Teen Prom 2008!

Corbin lets you know what to do if you're worried about going to another school's prom. “Try not to do anything weird at the very beginning of the night. If you go crazy right off the bat, people can be taken off guard and they don't know how to react. Let them get to know you first. Be social, but keep it low-key so they're like,' OK, you're cool.' Then you can start to let loose. Also don't be the first person to go nuts on the dance floor. You've got to find a happy medium between low-key and supersocial.

Chelsea gives advice on if you're scared to ask the guy you like to prom!

Go for it! I would! I know it's scary to ask a boy to prom, but sometimes you've just got to take a risk. He could be shy or he may think you don't want to go with him. I can't tell you how many times I thought a guy didn't like me, then found out years later that he though I didn't like him, so don't wait, just ask him! And make sure you do it yourself. Don't send your friends to do the asking-that seems so immature and it could make the boy more nervous opposed to just walking right up and asking him yourself.