Private Investigator Claims To Have Evidence Whitney Houston Was Murdered

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Whitney Houston 13The year's end brings a tragic development in the mystery surrounding the untimely death of legendary music icon Whitney Houston. According to private investigator Paul Huebl‘s report to The National Enquirer, there is compelling evidence that Whitney Houston was murdered on February 11. Though it is unknown who requested Mr. Huebl's services, he says he has put together a report to be presented to the Chicago FBI that supports his claim. “I have evidence that points to Whitney being a victim of a high powered drug dealers who sent thugs to collect a huge debt she owed for drugs,” he told The Enquirer.

This evidence supposedly includes the hotel's surveillance video, as Huebl claims the two killers were caught on tape. Apparently these two men repeatedly showed up at the Beverly Hill Hilton in which Houston was staying, demanding repayment of the $1.5 million she owed. On February 10, Houston received a delivery of cocaine, and was later heard saying, “I'm tired of this shit,” which Huebl believes referred to her being pestered for money. Utilizing a network of drug informants, Huebl said he believes he is close to identifying the murderers.

On the day she died, Houston was apparently – and surprisingly – left alone for 45 minutes, a time period in which it is possible the killers may have slipped in. The PI also took another look at the coroners report, which ruled that there was no foul play involved in the incident. Huebl disagrees, telling The Enquirer “Whitney’s body shows classic defense wounds that would have occurred while she was battling for her life.”

Huebl said he will present all the information he has gathered to the Chicago office of the FBI, believing that local authorities were involved in some sort of cover-up at the time of the initial investigation.

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