Dazzle Your Oscar Party With Crushable’s Printable Bingo Cards

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Crushable Oscar bingo 2014The 2014 Oscars are this Sunday night, which means you better start figuring out who you're rooting for and what super fun things you're planning for your Oscar party. Lucky for you, we at Crushable have you covered. Practice what to say about each Best Picture nominee with our Oscar cheatsheet, then stock up on alcohol and study our Oscar drinking game. Or, if you're less into getting drunk on a Sunday night and more into channeling old people at the seniors center, print out our Crushable Oscar bingo boards. That's right, we made them again!

Each bingo card includes a variety of potential mishaps and events that are pretty much guaranteed to happen at some point Sunday night. How do we know this? First of all, we're psychic. Second of all, as exciting as the Oscars are, they're very predictable. If you've seen one rambling winner get played off the stage by the orchestra, you've seen them all. The cards aren't just limited to the ceremony itself, but also the red carpet coverage, because isn't that half the fun?

So go ahead and print out all four boards: board #1, board #2, board #3, and board #4. Each one has the boxes mixed up, and you might even have a few different boxes from your friends. That's so you won't all yell bingo at the same time and wonder how that could have possibly happened. The star in the middle is the free space, so mark that off right away.

The best part of this bingo game is that you can play with any type of token your heart desires. If you want all the fun and drunkenness of a drinking game, you can fill a shot glass with a responsible amount of alcohol each time you see an event in one of the boxes happen on your TV screen, and then drink them when you fill in a row. You can also play with candy or coins or poker chips or paperclips or beans or just by marking things off with a pen. Then the first person to get bingo can either get all the tokens on everyone's board, or you can hand out prizes. We've provided you with the boards, but your imagination will provide you with the fun. Also celebrities acting like idiots will help.

Enjoy, and be sure to let us know if you're playing on Oscar night by tweeting us @Crushabledotcom, where we'll also happen to be live tweeting.