Prince William Is Just A Regular New Dad During His First Public Appearance Since Baby George Was Born

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Prince WIlliam first public appearance polo match Aug 3 2013

Prince William and Prince Harry attended a charity polo match yesterday, and of course no one cared about who won or how they played.  We want to hear about that baby!  Seems like Prince William wasn't thinking of much else, either, because he admitted his “head wasn't in the game.”  Even though he scored the winning goal, because of course he did.

“I was in baby mode out there, thinking about nappies, I wasn't really in the zone, but it was good to get out of the house for an afternoon.”


See?  He's just like a regular new dad!  Except his “house” is a palace, and I'm sure he and Kate have an entire staff on-hand to act as a human assembly line Diaper Genie, but still.  It's nice to hear a British royal not sound so stuffy and removed from the situation. Oh and for all of you non-Anglophiles, “nappies” is British-speak for “diapers.”  As a reminder, all of this is still way more information than we've received about North West, and this baby is 100x more legitimately important than Kimye's kid.

He also added that he shouldn't be “late getting back” because he has to pick up some diapers on the way home. Don't try and fool us, William.  You totally can't wait to get back to that baby, admit it.  Oh, and as for the new royal baby bundle of joy?  William confided that he “wriggles around a lot.”  Royal baby wriggling!  How posh-ly adorable.

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