These Naked Prince William And Harry Lookalikes Are The Closest We’ll Get To Nude Royalty

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I know—you so badly want this to be some sort of homoerotic locker room cell phone pic that wound up online. But sadly, this is not the real Prince William and Prince Harry coyly concealing their junk after a triumphant polo match. It's a creation from photographer Alison Jackson, who a few months ago released a photo shoot of “Harry” and “Pippa Middleton” hooking up.

These blurry photos seem to be her style for commenting on the Royal Family, as if they're just out-of-focus candids caught by the British press. Interestingly, the reasons for this new photo are entirely legitimate: Alison shot it for Cosmopolitan UK‘s 40th anniversary, as well as for the Everyman testicular cancer charity.

naked Prince William naked Prince Harry lookalikes Alison Jackson

An Everyman spokesperson said,

“Every man is extremely grateful for Cosmo’s ongoing support and for turning what could just be innocent eye candy into a potentially life-saving message. Women are the gatekeepers of men’s health and Cosmopolitan has been instrumental in promoting the importance of checking for signs of testicular cancer.”

It turns out the real Harry is up to something much more respectable: He's touring Belize, the Bahamas, and Jamaica to represent Queen Elizabeth for her upcoming Diamond Jubilee.

It's not like we were fooled for long; British royalty has more self-respect than their American counterparts, so they wouldn't be so careless as to let these kinds of photos get out. (Pippa's bra photo notwithstanding since she's not — yet — technically royal.) The downside of this is that we don't get to hear William or Henry's Twitter commentary on the cheeky photos. It's radio silence from Buckingham Palace, but we'll always have the locker room.