Prince William Started A Rumor About Another Royal Baby And It’s Like Way To Go, Buddy

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge New Zealand Tour

Hear that?  If you listen closely enough, you can hear the entire world erupting in hysterics over the possibility of another royal baby on the way.  Even though Kate Middleton has been seen sipping wine and white water rafting during the official royal tour in New Zealand.  Which are not activities an expecting mother would usually partake in.  So where did this rumor stem from?  Her husband, Prince William.  Doh!

After being handed a handmade wool shawl for Prince George (aka the most insanely adorable puffy-cheeked cherub ever created) by a local, he said “You may have to make another one soon!”  Which naturally began the onslaught of media headlines, zoomed-in photos of Kate's womb area, and speculation over the fact that Kate drank water during an event instead of getting shitfaced like she usually does.

Since Prince William is probably smart enough to avoid dropping a bomb like that to a total stranger on a public royal tour, we should take this with a grain of salt. But I imagine William and Kate getting into a prim-yet-proper row about this once they were alone: “Darling, loose lips sink ships you know.”  “Oh bugger, I only said something to a local chit.  Don't be cross, Kate.”

Can't we just let them sip wine and look amazing in their navy blazers?  Relax, people.

(Photo: WENN)