William And Kate Sent Breakfast To Fans Waiting For The Royal Baby, Because They’re Wonderful

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William And Kate Sent Breakfast To Fans Waiting For The Royal Baby  Because They re Wonderful Prince William Kate Middleton XLP Arts Project March 2015 jpg

We can all agree that Prince William and Kate Middleton are awesome, right? Good, glad we’re all on the same page. It’s not like you needed a reminder, but who could object to another story about how great they are, am I right? Well, lucky for you, I’ve got one. This morning the royal couple sent breakfast to fans waiting for the second royal baby’s birth outside St. Mary’s Hospital in London.

Kate is past her due date, so Prince George’s little brother or sister could arrive any day now, and fans of the royal family have been camping out across the street from the private Lindo Wing where Kate is expected to deliver. The night was chilly, so William and Kate decided to be generous and have coffee and pastries delivered.

One of the fans, Maria Scott, told People that two men bearing white boxes tied with pink ribbon (PINK? NOT BLUE? IS IT A GIRL? AM I OVERANALYZING THIS? YES I AM.) told them, “Good morning, we have a present from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.” And these weren’t wimpy little donut holes either. They were HUGE croissants and danishes. Seriously, check out the photos and proceed to die of food envy. 79-year-old fan Terry Hart was especially appreciative of the coffee, saying, “I can feel my hands now. I was in shock.”

That was such a sweet gesture that I’m not surprised people are camping out for the birth of their child. Even if they didn’t get to meet the royals in person, I’m glad these fans got to experience their wonderfulness. There’s nothing cooler than learning that someone you idolize is just as nice as you’d hoped they would be.

But honestly, would it have killed them to send Prince George to deliver the food in a tiny chef’s hat? I mean, how hard would that have been? Step it up, William and Kate.

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