Prince William Reportedly Watching Diaper Changing Videos On YouTube, Proves All Dads-To-Be Are Clueless

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Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, leave the King Edward VII Hospital together.

I suppose it doesn't matter what country, background, or walk of life you hail from, dads are usually pretty clueless about some things.  Especially dads-to-be.  They're like baby deer just learning how to walk on their own legs… it's dangerous territory.  These dads know there's no way out because that baby is coming no matter what, but since they were probably coddled and sheltered from the harsh realities that babies bring, they're terrified of even the most mundane things.  Even Prince William is no exception.

According to my favorite person, “Source,” William and Kate Middleton are preparing for the arrival for their first child in July and William is “determined to be a hands-on dad.”  The prince has even been checking out “nappy” videos on YouTube.  For you non-Anglophiles out there, “nappy” means “diaper” in British-ese.  Idiots.

Source also says Prince Harry thinks it's pretty fucking funny and makes fun of his brother for it, probably because Harry knows that there's no way in BuckingHELL (Get it? Heh.) that any royal baby will have its royal shitty diapers changed by its actual parents.

Apparently William is also “keen to interact with his unborn child and tries to make time every day to sing to it.”  You know, I read in Dr. Spock once that a solid round of “God Save the Queen” is supposed to have a calming effect on fetuses.

What I really want to know is if Prince William and Duchess Kate are making time to watch Jimmy Kimmel parenting pranks videos.  How amazing would it be if the royal heir woke up on Christmas morning to, say, a sterling silver rattle and not a platinum one?  Or if William and Kate ate all of the Halloween candy and gave their kid a sack of stale servants' crumpets instead?  LOLz.

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