Prince Harry Drinks For Free In Las Vegas, Learns Why Midwesterners Love The Place

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Prince Harry seems to be enjoying all Las Vegas has to offer. On a vacation from his military work, the young royal has been hanging out in the town where secrets stay. He got to see a Cirque Du Soleil show called “O” this Saturday night, and was impressed by the performance.

As a member of the royal family you'd think Harry would be used to getting things for free, but he was apparently still floored by the free flowing booze you can enjoy while losing hundreds at the black jack tables.

“He couldn't believe you got free
 drinks from gambling at the blackjack tables,” People magazine learned from a source. I wonder if he was also impressed by the restaurant's complimentary after dinner mints.

Harry eventually ended up at the XS Nightclub, where he hung out without much fanfare until 4 a.m. The prince's adventures aren't exactly the things Axe commercials are made of, but it is interesting someone so wealthy could be impressed with getting some free booze. Harry obviously appreciates the little things in life.