Prince Harry Sure Knows How To Pick ‘Em: His Naked Coke Party Buddy Carrie Lynn Reichert Is Also A Felon

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Prince Harry Carrie Lynn Reichert felon bad checks Vegas party sex tape cocaine rumorsPrince Harry‘s weekend of gleeful, consequence-free partying in Vegas is just turning into more and more of a shitshow. It started with naked photos, transformed into rumors of a sex tape, and then we discovered that many of Harry's party guests were enjoying a little cocaine with their nude billiards. And that's all that came out last week!

Now there's new dirt, and it concerns Harry's friend Carrie Lynn Reichert. Carrie Lynn claims the two had a “drunken fumble” in one of the bedrooms of Harry's Vegas suite but that all they did was kiss though they were already naked. The Royal Family denies that Harry even met her, although considering what he may or may not have imbibed that evening, he may not be the most reliable source.

Speaking of sources, a tipster tells the New York Daily News that Carrie Lynn is now a wanted felon! The San Diego beautician tried to board a plane to Mexico on August 24th, only to get caught on a felony warrant and thrown in jail. Turns out she's wanted in Mississippi for a series of bad checks she wrote totaling $21,672 starting back in 2003. It's unclear if her little jaunt were an attempt to flee the country once she realized how famous she had become, or just another trip to possibly seduce another naked royal. However, according to a law enforcement source, customs picked her up at the airport.

“How stupid can you be?” the source asked rhetorically, channeling our first question. “You know you’ve got warrants on bad checks you’ve written. After 9/11, you know we’re checking everyone on every flight.”

We know one person that Carrie Lynn won't be dialing on her one and only call—her ex-husband Paul Reichert. He recently spoke to Celebuzz and said of her tell-all interview, “It’s sad. I’m sure she did it to make a few bucks.” And it's not like she has the number to Buckingham Palace, so Carrie Lynn could be out of luck.

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