Video Of Prince George Playing Is Even Cuter Than Photos, In Case You Were Wondering

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Kate Middleton holding Prince George on New Zealand play date April 2014I know what you're thinking: what could be cuter than the photos of ten-month old Prince George playing with little baby normals? And I have an answer for you — the goddamn video. Way cuter. Unbelievably cute.

Prince Georgie went on his first ever royal engagement down to New Zealand, where I guess his parents William, Duke Of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge probably came along too. But it must be nice to be a baby, because all that was really required of the young prince was to participate in a play date and not to scream too loudly if another lesser baby rumpled his petticoat. Would that we could all be so lucky.

But this is Little Georgie we're talking about, and he's not like other royal babies. He's a cool baby, and Kate Middleton is toting him around just like any of the other moms. It's actually completely adorable, and not at all surprising, given that this woman lost the baby weight about twenty seconds after giving birth. She's just like us…and also there's nothing that she can't do.

The play date in question happened at the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society as a part of the Duke and Duchess' royal tour of New Zealand, happening right now. And like any royal baby excursion, it included much picking up and throwing of toys, happy gurgling, and being jiggled around in arms like an adorable, chubby spider. I'm hoping said trip also included the Lord Of The Rings tour, as I've been told it's not to be missed.

So yup, that was the cutest thing ever. If only those other babies were mature enough to recognize the benevolent, regal chub in their midst. He will sit the Iron Throne and rule over all of us one day, and I hope he does it with just as much charm and drool as he exhibited today.

(Photo: Pool / Getty Images Entertainment)