Details From Prince George’s Playdate Reveal He’s Quite The Little Dictator Already

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Prince George New Zealand playdate baby crying

While we all spent yesterday oooing and awwing over the video of Prince George's New Zealand playdate, we're now getting word from insiders that everything wasn't going as well as we all thought. In a People expose titled “What Prince George Revealed About Himself at his Playdate,” sources step forward to give us the scoop on this baby Kim George Un. And guys, I gotta warn you that what you're about to read will shock you, possibly even floor you. If your mouth isn't already on the ground, you might want to place it there preemptively.

First of all, this kid flaunted his royal status from the second Kate Middleton (known henceforth as Duchess Pattie Malette) placed him on the floor among the baby serfs.

Prince George showed he was king of the room as he boldly grabbed toys and crawled confidently across the floor

Yes, this little monster had the audacity to crawl CONFIDENTLY across a room that's approximately 234820398 miles out of his royal jurisdiction. Then get this, he started behaving as if he owned the place. Literally, according to Grant Collange, a man who is not at all attributing adult characteristics to a tiny human still incapable of controlling his own bowel movements.

He knows how to be the boss “and is bubbly, quite feisty and he took control,” Collinge says. “He owned the place. No one was going to stand in his way!”

Then, believe it or not, Prince Joffrey's George's behavior got worse…

He's not averse to ensuring he gets his way with some force. When baby Alve Eden, dressed in floral dress and headband, got in George's way, he reached out to stroke her face – but was a bit too far and hit Eden in the face with a flailing arm.

and worse…

George waved his arms to get her attention and touched Paige's face – before grabbing her toy wooden doll, which sent Paige into her mother's arms.

and holy crumpets on a plate of fish and chips, even worse…

George was not done. He grabbed at several other toys from other youngsters before Kate encouraged him to crawl to her

To recap this historic day of destroyed babies for you, Prince George rampaged his way through this “adorable” playdate and made it clear through increasingly aggressive behavior that he was in charge of this whole event. And that as far as the other babies were concerned, they were lucky to even be in the presence of his diapered majesty. May his behavior there send a message to Baby Alve Eden, all the other Baby Alve Edens out there — that no one touches a toy before Prince George sticks it his mouth and drools on it first.

Also Baby Paige, try growing some balls.

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