Pretty Little Liars Catch-Up Sesh: A Is Back, Bitches

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Pretty Little Liars is back and so is A. How can that be, you ask? Mona is in an insane asylum after kidnapping Spencer and nearly killing Hanna, Aria, and Emily. Well, remember Mona mentioned something about the “A-Team.” And I'm guessing that doesn't mean a shirtless Bradley Cooper and a Mr. T look alike. Although I'm sure we wouldn't mind a shirtless Toby. Or Ezra. Or Jason. Or Caleb. Or Wren. Pretty much any guy on the show sans clothes would be great. ANYWAY.

Let's go over what we learned last season to prep for tonight's episode!

Mona obviously is cooked, but she had a creepy inner dialogue at the end of the season finale talking about how things were just getting started. What does it mean?! And there's the whole situation with the toffee lipstick and Spencer's sister, Melissa, saying something about toffee fro-yo. While it could be a coincidence, things like that always mean something in Rosewood. Also, when is Melissa going to have Ian's baby? Oh wait, it might be Garrett's! Too bad he just got arrested for Ali's murder.

Maya is assumed to be dead given the fact that the police found a body that they think is hers. We were left a little hesitant after the finale, but this is apparently true. I wonder how it'll affect Emily. Meanwhile, Spencer and Toby reunited after everything went down. Will they stick it out when A comes back to play? Things also got hot and heavy for Ezra and Aria. Last season they finally got it on, and they kissed in public at the masquerade. Without masks! It seems everyone forgot in the midst of the Mona-attack, but this will certainly cause some drama. In other couples' news, Caleb and Hanna were doing okay last time we checked in. As long as Hanna keeps him up to speed with everything, he seems fine but liars don't change their spots overnight.

Oh yeah, whatever happened to Jason? He disappeared for a while. Remember when Spencer almost got blown up for trying to get into the DiLaurentes house? I always thought her mom had something to do with that because the family doesn't want all of this information about Spencer's dad and Ali's mom getting out. Lucas is another one gone AWOL. Don't worry, he'll be back! And acting shady, of course. Speaking of shades, what about Jenna and those sunglasses? Well, she doesn't need them anymore since her eyesight is half back! Could have fooled us though, she kept pretending like she was totally blind. Jenna having real eyes is going to change the game.

ABC Family released the first ten minutes of Pretty Little Liars. Watch below and come back tomorrow for a recap featuring the Liar of the Week and the juiciest details!