Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Had So Many Unbelievable Twists, We Need To Rewatch It On DVD

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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 DVDPretty Little Liars is definitely on my guilty-pleasure list: My sister and I would always catch up on it when we were home from college in California—or even when we met up in Europe this past March! So much happened in season 2, especially with a three-month break, that we're so grateful that the DVD came out on June 5th so we can relive all of the intrigue… not to mention the unexpected twist at the end of the season!

We were so psyched to see season 1 end with the girls asking for help by telling the cops about Ian‘s death… Except that there was no body, and so season 2 began with the entire town calling the girls liars. A was of course around to capitalize on their group splintering as they had to deal with therapy and other issues, like Emily‘s family possibly moving and Aria‘s dilemma of having a normal relationship with Ezra but having his ex be in the picture. Then there was Spencer being forbidden from seeing Toby, and Hanna trying to save Caleb from getting caught in A's line of fire.

Not to mention the constant text taunts, video cameras hidden in closets, and creepy dolls delivered by A! I swear, every episode ended with this mysterious person one-upping him/herself to come up with even more bizarre ways to invade the girls' privacy and keep them from finding out A's true identity. But then came the finale in March, where we did find out who's behind A—or at least, up until the final moment of that awesome Psycho homage season finale, we thought we knew what was going on. This is why we need a massive rewatch!

Plus, the special features sound great. The Deleted Scenes will give us even more insight into the A mystery; interviews with the show's costume designer Mandi Lane lets us relive the girls' outfits whether they're chasing A or at the big dance; and “Men of Mystery” is just an excuse to ogle all of Rosewood's eligible bachelors.

Pretty Little Liars—Own it now on DVD!

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