Pretty Little Liar Of The Week: Spencer

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OMG y'all. Pretty Little Liars Season 3 just got real, and it's only the first episode!

We knew Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer would be reuniting after a summer apart, but we didn't know that their liar-liar-pants-on-fire ways would return just as quickly as Allison's body disappears. Yeah you read that right. Ali's body is gone. Who took it? A obvi, except A set it up to look like Emily by tapping into her new found binge drinking problem. In the first ten minutes, the girls fall asleep at Spencer's to find Emily missing. Turns out someone picked her up, took her to the graveyard where Ali's body was just dug up and put a shovel in her hand. Naturally, they cover it up and head off to Spencer's lake house and all assume the same story in case the cops come knocking. Which they did, but sworn to secrecy the girls stay tight-lipped.

Spencer knows something is up, so she's been going to the Lost Woods Inn where A's lair was to piece things together. We learn that the girls lied to Emily after Maya died about picking up A's stuff. Turns out all of it was already gone, which means A is still around and still has a ton of dirt on each of them. They think they got away with being anywhere near the graveyard after talking to the police. Wrong. At the Inn, A fills Spencer's car with a bajillion pictures of the girls in the graveyard and shoots them a text, “Game on bitches. -A” SPOOKY.

It was hard to pick a Liar of the Week considering all of the girls are guilty of something. Hanna has been visiting Mona in the psych ward to try and get answers about everything that happened. She eventually comes clean to the girls, but is still lying about it to Caleb. Oh and you should know that when Hanna visits, Mona sees Ali sitting in the corner reading Lolita. Yeah, you can shudder at that. Despite Emily's community service work in Haiti over the summer, she's become quite the drinker and doesn't want to disappoint anyone. She fesses up to Toby and when she remembers something about the graveyard incident she goes straight to the girls. Aria is dealing with panic attacks and anxiety and refuses to tell Ezra what's troubling her. Well, that leaves Spencer! Congratulations, Spence you're Liar of the Week! Why?

First of all, Spencer has been getting unknown phone calls and doesn't tell anyone. She doesn't tell Toby which isn't too bad, but she doesn't even tell the girls. Then she lies to her mom about studying all weekend to get out of going into the city so she can piece together the remnants of A's lair. While she's working out the details, she gets another unknown call but this time she answers it! It was Garrett and what does he want? Her mom, the powerful lawyer, to take his case because he says he's innocent. He tells her that she and the rest of the girls are in danger and confesses that he knows who killed Ali and who took the body before he gets dragged away. She doesn't tell anyone! What if Garrett's telling the truth? Regardless, he still has some information that the rest of the liars would probably need to know.

Let's hope this doesn't come back to bite Spencer in the butt. Except it probably will. Especially now that A is actually back and the creepy texts and antics have started all over again. I can't even fathom what's going to happen next week! Lucas also made a brief and sketchy appearance in this episode, I wonder what he's up to? And what about Jenna? Toby says she left town, but that can't last long. New information will surely come out about Maya's death as well.

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