Pretty Little Liars Makes Me Insecure About My Style

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Seriously, the styles on Pretty Little Liars kind of makes up for all of the shit that goes down in Rosewood. This week not much happened, and I ended the episode with much more questions than answers. Caleb broke up with Hanna because she won't tell him what's going on — which is totally respectable and surely they'll get back together. She's protecting him and now his family as we found out that A tried to drive his mom off the road in Montecido. Maya's cousin is kind of hitting on Emily even though she's a lesbian. He seems kind of sketchy, but then again so does anyone who just shows up in Rosewood. Jason is trying to figure out who took Ali's body and offered a $50,000 reward and might be meeting said person at the end of the episode. We found out that Melissa was the Black Swan at the ball because she too was being blackmailed by A. It turns out she lost the baby when she found Ian's body like forever ago, and she's been faking ever since. Oh and A is controlling Mona's visitor status via hacking the hospital's system.

But all of that aside, since I wasn't paying much attention this week, these girls have awesome clothes. Like really awesome. Too awesome for high school. I'm a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and I am super jealous of their wardrobes. They never re-wear any items of clothing, which is just plain unrealistic for high school kids in a small town. I mean I have a huge wardrobe, but I still recycle outfits. And where do they get all of these clothes since there only appear to be like three stores in all of Rosewood? They don't go into Philadelphia enough to hit up Urban Outfitters' HQ nor do they have the time you know with the whole being stalked and blackmailed by psychos. One thing I appreciated about Degrassi before it went down the drain was the fact that they had the characters wear repeat outfits like real kids do.

They all have such different styles, too. Spencer is preppy, Hanna is trendy, Emily is sporty and casual, and Aria is hipster/eclectic. I didn't develop my personal style until college. Granted, I had to wear uniforms in high school, but even with my real people clothes I didn't know what my style was all about.

I thought I had it all figured out! False. Every time I watch PLL, I come away hating every piece of clothing I have. Like tonight, Spencer was wearing knee high socks and oxford heels. So I went out and bought knee high socks and oxford heels. (Yes, this is the Mean Girls Regina George syndrome) As I sat there in my ex's sweatpants and my Zack Attack Saved By The Bell shirt, I was ogling their outfits and having some serious envy.

Like why can't I make enough money as a post-grad to afford everything from Free People and J. Crew and Zara and Urban? Why can't I throw a bunch of random patterns together and have it look normal? Why can't I wear five inch heels when I go on a snooping mission? Life just isn't fair. Yeah, there's a killer on the loose (or team of killers) and they're all lying or being lied to, but they all look damn good. Don't even get me started on how perfect their hair is 24/7. It's nauseating! I know it's called Pretty Little Liars but can't they be a little less pretty sometimes?

I would like to see the awkward teenage moments. How about A does something to their La Mer skin cream (they probably have that!) and makes them all break out? I'd like to see a little less perfection in this little world!

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