Video: ‘Drunk Emily Vs. Drunk Spencer’ Highlights How Much The Pretty Little Liars Girls Need To Drink

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It's not easy being the Pretty Little Liars girls, what with carrying the secret of your dead best friend possibly texting you from the grave and being suspects in her murder. It's even more emotionally taxing if you're hiding your secret queer relationship with another girl, like Emily, or you're always hooking up with your sister's boyfriends like Spencer. And with the enigmatic “A” jumping down their throats with to-the-minute texts being all haha I see what you did there! and watch out, bitches!, it's no surprise that these two would hit the sauce as often as they do.

YouTuber breanna1992 created this great mash-up of all the scenes where Spencer and Emily get drunk — though never together — and asks the question “Who's the better drunk?” She's talking not about the actors' ability to convincingly stumble and slur, but which character ends up doing what outrageous thing. Although as commenter WhoIsAObsessed pointed out,

Lets see:

Emily was found tying a curtain around her waist and getting angry because she couldnt open a door by herself.

Spencer tried to seduce her sisters ex and gained an english accent which was extremely hot.

I think its a tie.

Very true.