15 Pretty Little Liars Stars Who Have Uncanny Celebrity Look-Alikes

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ABC Family/Freeform

Can you imagine knowing that there are people out there in the world who have a face similar to yours? Apparently, we all have doppelgängers out there, but most of us will never know about them. When someone is a celebrity, their faces are plastered everywhere. It is much easier to figure out who a celebrity’s doppelgänger is. For some of the cast members of Pretty Little Liars, they have multiple doppelgängers.
In fact, each person in the famous Ezria couple seems to have a few look-alikes to their name. If you’ve ever tried to figure out where you thought you’d seen Spencer Hastings’s mom before, once you see her doppelgänger, you’ll totally get it. Which of these celebrity lookalikes do you think is the most accurate?