President Obama Is Gonna Go On Ellen, Which Is Excellent News For Fans Of Dancing GIFs

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Obama dancing on The Ellen Show GIFDo you like dancing? Do you like fun? Do you like THE PRESIDENT? (Be careful about how you answer that last one, because he's like kind of in charge and stuff and I don't want to get into a big argument right now.)

Well if you like all those things, then you're gonna love President Barack Obama‘s appearance on Ellen tomorrow. I know personally I'm psyched for it, because I'm one of those people who watches his previous appearance whenever I need a quick pick-me-up. Just a reminder of the fact that the people in charge are human beings and sometimes they like to dance around a bit. Or remind Zach Galifianakis that he's a pudgy little pancake by going on Between Two Ferns

I know it bothers a lot of people that our president is willing to go on lower-profile shows like that and show a side of himself other than the dour politician, but I personally love it. Especially because he's doing it in order to get the word out about the impending deadline to sign up for Obamacare — March 31st! He's aware of the kind of healthcare users who might typically slip through the cracks and miss the deadline, so he's doing everything he can to raise awareness, and I think that's great.

After all, he's in his second term already, so he has nothing to be campaigning for right now. What better time for him and Michelle to focus on the things that they personally enjoy, whether that's dunking with the Miami Heat or going on TV with Jimmy Fallon. I LOVE IT.

Especially if it gives me a whole new bumper crop of GIFs of our Commander-In-Chief dancing around with Ellen when it's NOT EVEN CHRISTMAS.

And a tip of the hat to Ellen's old hairstyle, just while we're here.

(Image: Reddit)