Eva Longoria Looks So Happy At Her Election Party That I Can’t Stop Smiling

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In case you spent the night writing Girl Meets World episodes and didn't have a chance to turn on the news, you should know President Obama won re-election. You should also know that Donald Trump attempted to start a civil war via Twitter. So if you hear cannons firing as you start your day today, just assume that's why.

And most importantly you should know that celebrities are just as excited as non-celebrity citizens that Barack Obama won. Take Eva Longoria for example. She tweeted out this photo shortly after we found out and I just cannot stop looking at it.

Simply put, she looks thrilled. Maybe, even ecstatic. Sure she's celebrating the victory from what appears to be her private home theater, but other than that she's just like us! She's just happy to be surrounded by her loved ones during the world's best season finale ever. And you know what, that makes me happy.

While I don't remember everything from high school history, I do remember the day when we discussed how our forefathers dreamed of an election where normals could join with celebrities online in celebrating a presidential victory. In the 1770s that was a bold notion, but they believed in themselves and they believed in their ideals.

Well forefathers, dreams do come true!

(Photo: Twitter)