Video: Now This Is How You Make Barack Obama Sing ‘Call Me Maybe’

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A few weeks ago, Jay Leno nearly killed Carly Rae Jepsen‘s infectious pop song “Call Me Maybe” with a clumsily Photoshopped video of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney “singing.” It makes me cringe just to remember it, especially because I'd gotten my hopes up thinking the video would be one of those smart editing jobs where someone painstakingly went through all of Obama's speeches and cut together the lyrics.

Thankfully, YouTuber baracksdubs (real name Fadi Saleh, 19) has finally joined the party by doing just that: Following up his video where Obama sings “Born This Way,” here's our President asking some cute boy to give him a call. You can hear the longing in his voice; my favorite part is how baracksdubs did the “Your stare was holding / Ripped jeans skin was showing” bridge. Genius—and since baracksdubs takes requests, I'm gonna start the petition now for his next video to be Obama taking on One Direction‘s “That's What Makes You Beautiful”!