Do You Think Former Celebs Are Just Having Babies To Get Back In The Spotlight

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This morning I woke up to headlines telling me that new celebrity mommy Hilary Duff went on a dinner date with her husband Mike Comrie. Considering they're both D-list celebrities (at best) and they ate at a  normal restaurant and they're a married couple, this is not newsworthy. Yet, photos are up on several gossip sites acting like this is interesting information. A married couple eats dinner! What's next? A married couple eats brunch instead of lunch!

Now everyone's talking about Melissa Joan Hart having her third child. The star of the opposite-of-Emmy-winning show, Melissa & Joey, only seems to get press coverage when she's pregnant. And while I was writing this, I just heard word that Taylor Hanson's expecting his fifth child. Well mmmbop, a do a diddy.

While I don't really believe celebrities only have babies to get attention, I do believe that their pregnancy marketing is extremely strategic and I do believe that they're working with a PR team to get the most bang for their buck, or the most placenta for the uterus (if we want to speak solely in pregnancy terms).

Just look at Jessica Simpson, for the first time in years she's relevant again. She's everywhere you look: glowing on talk shows, posing naked on magazine covers and appearing in the tabloids. That's not a coincidence. She's using her 17 month pregnancy to jump back into the spotlight and get back into American minds.

Like our very own Natalie Zutter said last week:

I’ll tell you why Jessica’s having the time of her life: Because being pregnant keeps her on the covers of magazines and the star of endless posts on sites like ours. Before she announced her pregnancy in October 2011 — was it really that recently?! — she did small projects like the mildly amusing Price of Beauty series and releasing countless best-of albums but not a lot of new material.

Like everything else in Hollywood, a pregnancy is extremely calculated. Who gets the insider scoop? The first photo? The first hint of the first name? It's a game and if the celebrities play right they can get back their 15 minutes of fame.

My biggest hint to all those pregnancy celebs looking to extend the limelight: pick a real weird baby name. It's sure to generate lots of buzz and maybe even a Twitter trend.